ReachCentrum’s Biocides service offers support to those companies who need to comply with the new Biocidal Products Regulation. read more >>

  • Strategic regulatory advice for active substances and Authorisation
  • Cost reduction possibilities for joint submission management and product families
  • Preparation and submission for active substances and biocidal product dossier
  • Customised training for: BPR compliance, dossier preparation, and risk assessment
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According to REACH regulation, you are obliged to communicate on several issues in the supply chain and respectively in the REACH Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEF). In SIEF communication, quite a number of information especially relating to data needs to be gathered from or fed back to co-registrants. You also need to agree on the substance Identify, the Lead registrant, on the classification and labelling, and crucial information needs to be communicated to the authorities.
ReachCentrum Communication Support helps you find out the intentions of your co-registrants, and it guarantees the best approach to contacting downstream users to gather information. It helps you store all communication and make sure information previously distributed is available, and communicate to the authorities, including ECHA and its different bodies.

  • How does the Communication Support work?
  • What does the Communication Support offer?
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