Project Managers at ReachCentrum have extensive experience at managing groups of companies through EU REACH related processes. In decades of this specific work ReachCentrum has developed skills and tools which can be applied to support any group of companies aiming to reach a common goal in different areas of interest.

Multiple companies working together face a number of challenges from organization and communication perspectives to more sensitive topics such as financial management and competition law compliance. ReachCentrum’s expertise in supporting groups of companies can increase efficiency and decrease costs of such projects.

ReachCentrum Project Management service offering includes:

  • Financial reporting, via an automated customized tool
  • Performing cost sharing calculations
  • Supporting with communication
  • Organizing and attending both virtual and face to face meetings
  • Ensuring compliance with EU competition law rules
  • Contracting external service providers on behalf and for the account of the clients
  • Covering project management work such as meetings preparation, drafting of meeting minutes, document management, archiving
  • Acting as a trustee

ReachCentrum can unburden companies from topics unrelated to technical part of their projects. Send us a request to talk about your project needs.