Aluminium Trifluoride REACH consortium

The manufacturers of aluminium trifluoride have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched in April 2009 the aluminium trifluoride (AlF3) consortium.

Substance covered

Substance name EC Number CAS Number SIP Uses

Aluminium trifluoride 






The consortium is open to any manufacturer, importer or only representative as defined in the REACH Regulation of the Substance on its own, in preparations or in articles and who are subject to the registration requirements pursuant to the REACH Regulation.

Current members of the Aluminium Trifluoride REACH consortium are:

  • AB Lifosa
  • Alufluor AB
  • Boliden Odda AS
  • Derivados Del Fuor S.A
  • Fluorsid S.p.A
  • B-Lands Consulting

Letter of Access

The Consortium offers letters of access for registration dossiers to all interested parties who do not wish to join the Consortium, but do have an obligation to register the substance.

The LoA prices have been calculated and the LoAs are available at:


Cantersteen 47
B-1000 Brussels