Phenol & Derivatives REACH Consortium

The manufacturers of Phenol and related chemicals have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched in January 2009 the Phenol & Derivatives REACH consortium

Consortium description

Through the Phenol Derivatives REACH consortium, the manufacturers decided to work together to prepare a consistent registration dossier building on the experience gained during the previous OECD/HPV program and EU Risk Assessments. The project management and secretariat of the consortium is handled by ReachCentrum.

Substances covered

The following substances are to be registered under REACH by December 2010 and June 2013 and are covered in the Phenol and Derivatives REACH consortium:

Substance EC Number CAS Number Current proposed registration status
Phenol 203-632-7 108-95-2 Full registration >1,000 t/y (2010)
Acetone 200-662-2 67-64-1 Full registration >1,000 t/y (2010)
Cumene 202-704-5 98-82-8 Full registration >1,000 t/y (2010)
Alpha-methyl styrene 202-705-0 98-83-9  Full registration >1,000 t/y (2010)
Acetophenone 202-708-7 98-86-2 Full registration >1,000 t/y (2010)
Reaction mass of 1,3-diisopropylbenzene and 1,4-diisopropylbenzene (Previously di-isopropyl benzene) 905-459-9 (previously 246-835-6) 25321-09-9 Full registration 100 - 1,000 t/y (2013)
CHP 201-254-7 80-15-9 Isolated & transported intermediate >1,000 t/y (2010)
Full registration 100 - 1,000 t/y (2013)
'High boiler' 269-798-8 68333-89-1 Isolated & transported intermediate >1,000 t/y (2010)
'Cumene Bottoms' 273-050-6 68936-98-1 Isolated & transported intermediate >1,000 t/y (2010)


The Phenol Derivatives REACH consortium structure includes a Steering Committee, a Technical Experts Group and the consortium secretariat managed by ReachCentrum. The consortium is open to any applicant fulfilling the membership criteria - manufacturers/ importers/ only representatives as defined in the REACH Regulation of the substance on its own, in preparations or in articles and that are subject to the registration requirements pursuant to the REACH Regulation, or Affiliates thereof.

Current members of the Phenol & Derivatives REACH Consortium are:

  • Borealis AG
  • CEPSA Quimica S.A.
  • DOMO Caproleuna GmbH
  • Prefere Resins Holding GmbH
  • INEOS Phenol GmbH
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
  • Olin Corporation
  • ORLEN S.A.
  • Shell Chemicals Europe BV
  • Versalis S.p.A.

Lead Registrants

  • INEOS GmbH for Acetone, AMS, Cumene, Highboilers and Phenol
  • Novapex for Acetophenone, Di-isopropyl benzene and CHP
  • CEPSA Quimica for Cumene Bottoms

Uses covered by the joint submissions

The REACH Regulation (EC N° 1907/2006) of the European Parliament and of the Council requires the communication for identifying uses for substances in the supply chain from the manufacturers/importers to the end users. The uses will be assigned and communicated in a standardised format, the 'ECHA Use Descriptor System'.

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