Aniline-Mono Nitro Benzene REACH Consortium

The Aniline-Mono Nitro Benzene REACH Consortium has prepared the submission of REACH registration dossiers including CSA/CSR (if required) for the substances of shared interest to the members of the Consortium.

Substances covered

Substance name EC Number CAS Number SIP





Mono Nitro Benzene 





The Consortium structure includes a Steering Committee and a technical Coordination Group and is managed by ReachCentrum. The Consortium is open to all manufacturers, importers, only representatives (as defined in the REACH Regulation), who have the obligation to register under REACH one or more Consortium substances (on their own, in preparations or in articles).
If you are interested to join the Consortium as a potential registrant, or if you want to gain access to the completed registration dossier, please contact the Consortium Manager.

Cost for Letter of Access (LoA) and SIEF agreement

The Consortium offers letters of access for registration dossiers for each Consortium Substance to all interested parties who do not wish to join the Consortium, but do have an obligation to register the substance by any of the REACH deadlines (2010, 2013 or 2018).

SIEF communication

Based on pre-SIEF information from REACH-IT the Consortium has identified the need to communicate with multiple (> 1000) Legal Entity Contact Points or distinct email addresses. To ensure an efficient communication with such a large number of contacts and to comply with REACH transparency requirements, all Legal Entity Contact Points will be informed about the availability of all SIEF relevant information on this webpage and/or on REACH-IT:

  • Substance Sameness (Substance Identification Profiles)
  • Lead registrant
  • Data sharing
  • Information on letters of access SIEF agreement
  • End-uses covered by the registration dossier and the Chemical Safety Report

Substance Sameness

The sameness of the substances covered by this consortium was agreed and approved by the SIEF. The Substance Identification Profiles can be accessed on the table of Substances covered.

Lead Registrant

All substances which have been registered in 2010 in this consortium have a confirmed Lead Registrant.

Data sharing

The Consortium has available all the studies/data which are required. In case you would like to share your studies either as a registrant or as a data holder, please contact the Consortium Manager.

End-uses covered by registration dossier


A standard full dossier was submitted (over 1000 t/a). The end-uses covered by the CSR and used in the aniline registration dossiers will be those that can be found in this table:

Identified use for aniline

Industrial use

Process Category (PROC)

Use in closed systems, no likelihood of exposure

Use in closed, continuous process with occasional controlled exposure (e.g. sampling)

Use in closed batch process (synthesis or formulation)

Use in batch and other process (synthesis), where opportunity for exposure arises

Transfer of substance or preparation (charging / discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at dedicated facilities

Transfer of substance or preparation into small containers (dedicated filling line, including weighing)

Use as laboratory reagent

Preparation Category (PC)

Use as an intermediate in chemical synthesis

Use as a solvent in chemical synthesis

Sector of Use (SU)

Industrial use

Manufacturing of bulk chemicals

Manufacturing of fine chemicals

Article Category (AC)

Not applicable

Environmental Release Category (ERC)

Manufacture of substances

Industrial use resulting in manufacture of another substance (use of intermediates)

Industrial use of monomers for polymerization


Mono Nitro Benzene

An intermediate dossier submitted, over 1000 t/a uses covered.

Relevant links

Letter of Access / Offer for registration

The LoA prices have been calculated and the LoAs are available at:
Additional details can be obtained via the Consortium Manager.


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