Lead Registrant support under KKDIK (Türkiye REACH)

KKDIK (Kimyasallarin Kaydi Degerlendirmesi Izni ve Kisitlamasi) otherwise known as Türkiye REACH came into force on 23rd December 2017. Obligation to comply with this regulation is impacting companies who now have additional work to meet the KKDIK requirements. We recognize the similarities between KKDIK and EU REACH and thus we are able to apply our knowledge and experience to support companies who wish to act as Lead Registrants under this jurisdiction.

How our expertise can support your company:

  • Letter of Access
  • Cost Sharing and Financial Management
  • Project Management

Send us a request using the link at the bottom of the page to talk about your support needs.

Co-registrant support under KKDIK (Türkiye REACH)

Companies seeking to register substances under KKDIK without taking the Lead Registrant role can become co-registrants. You may enquire about Letter of Access availability, prices and purchase process, via the contact form button below.