STPP REACH Consortium

The consortium for REACH Registration of STPP (pentasodium triphosphate = sodium tripolyphosphate) was established in early 2008, following over a year of preparatory work. The Secretariat is entrusted to ReachCentrum. The completed Registration Dossier was submitted to ECHA on 8th February 2010 and updated on 20th May 2011. The submitted dossier (IUCLID and CSR) can be consulted on the ECHA public website.

Consortium description

The STPP Consortium was established by five European manufacturers of pentasodium triphosphate (STPP) - members of Cefic and of the CEEP Sector Group. As defined in the REACH Regulation, it is open to manufacturers / importers / only representatives of STPP, on its own, in preparations or in articles, and who are subject to the registration requirements pursuant to the REACH Regulation, or Affiliates thereof, according to the conditions defined in the Consortium Agreement.
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Full information regarding dossier development, access conditions and the Consortium were provided to all STPP SIEF members by emails sent to all SIEF members and all other identified contacts on 19/10/2009, 7/11/2009, 8/3/2010 and 26/10/2010. Also, all relevant documents, including lists of studies, summaries of draft IUCLID and CSR, were made available on this public website throughout the dossier development process.

Substances covered

Substance name Chemical formula EC Number CAS Number

Sodium Tripolyphosphate 




Sodium Tripolyphosphate 




Sodium Tripolyphosphate  

(H5P3O10Nax - 
where x is approximately 
5 (4.5 < x < 5.5)) 



Dossier status

The STPP REACH consortium has now completed and submitted the STPP REACH Registration Dossier under joint submission name "Pentasodium Triphosphate_JS". The dossier has been accepted as complete. Technical work was done by Harlan, UK. The Lead Company was initially FMC Foret and is now BK Giulini (changed by update on 4th August 2011).

The initially submitted dossier included a Testing Proposal for a 90-day inhalation toxicity study in rats. However, the dossier was subsequently updated to include additional information (collated medical data from over 220 workers having handled the substance for one or more years at 4 different sites internationally) which showed no inhalation risk and together with other information justified a waiver for this endpoint and the withdrawal of the Testing Proposal, accepted by ECHA, conform to, the requirements of REACH to minimise animal testing.

Letter of Access for the STPP Joint Registration Dossier can be purchased online at the ReachCentrum LoAShop as per the explanations and indications in the email sent to all SIEF members, as below:

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Letter of Access

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