1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) REACH Consortium

The manufacturers of 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched in February 2009 the EDC REACH consortium.

Consortium description

The consortium members agreed to cooperate in the preparation of a REACH Registration dossier for EDC as intermediate (Annex VII) as well as non-intermediate (Annex X) with a hazard assessment and CSA/CSR. Harmonised classification and labelling will be provided. EDC is a CMR cat 2 (Carc. 1B under CLP). The consortium is managed by ReachCentrum.

Substances covered

The following substance is covered by the EDC consortium and was registered under the REACH legislation by December 2010:

Substance name EC Number CAS Number
1,2-dichloroethane 203-458-1 107-06-2


1,2-dichloroethane (EDC), as a mono-constituent substance, is a liquid that is sold in different transport packages like tank wagons, barrels etc. EDC is produced by direct reaction of Chlorine with Ethylene or by oxychlorination of Ethylene with Hydrogen Chloride and Oxygen.


The EDC REACH consortium structure includes a Steering Committee and a Technical Committee. The consortium is open to manufacturers, importers and only representatives as defined in the REACH regulation and includes their Affiliates. 

Current members of the 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) consortium are: 

  • BASF SE 
  • BorsodChem Zrt 
  • Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH 
  • Ercros Industrial S.A.
  • Evonik Functional Solutions GmbH 
  • INOVYN Deutschland GmbH 
  • KemOne SAS 
  • Petrochemical Commercial Company (UK) Ltd 
  • Shin-Etsu PVC BV
  • Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG 
  • VYNOVA Belgium NV 

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Letter of Access

The Letter of Access for 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) can be purchased via ReachCentrum’s LoA e-shop:

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