Hydroquinone REACH Consortium

The manufacturers of Hydroquinone have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched the Hydroquinone REACH consortium in February 2010.

The consortium members agreed to cooperate in the preparation of a REACH Registration dossier for Hydroquinone with the aim to cover main uses of the substance. The dossier includes information for harmonised classification and labelling. The consortium   is managed by ReachCentrum. The Lead Registrant, does NOT submit a joint CSR on behalf of the co-registrants of this Joint Submission. Instead, the Lead Registrant will make the CSR (including chapters B3-8 of IUCLID) available for the most common end-uses for all co-registrants. Co-registrants can add (when needed) their specific end-uses to their own IUCLID (chapter 13) registration file.

Substances covered

Substance name Short name EC Number CAS Number SIP Uses Calculation for DUs








The Substance Identification Profile (SIP) is supporting the substance sameness discussions in SIEFs. The Hydroquinone consortium is using this tool to describe the substance managed by the consortium to the best of their knowledge.


The Hydroquinone REACH consortium structure includes a Steering Committee and a Technical Committee. The consortium is open to manufacturers, importers and only representatives as defined in the REACH regulation and includes their Affiliates.

SIEF communication

  • Email sent to the Joint Submission members by the Lead Registrant can be downloaded here 
  • Hydroquinone SIEF agreement is available via LoA e-shop. Please contact:

Letter of Access

The LoA is now available. Please use this link to access the LoA e-shop:

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