DBE REACH Consortium

The manufacturers of Dicarbonic acid (C4-C6) – dimethylesters and Dicarbonic acid (C4-C6) – diisobutylesters have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched the DBE REACH consortium.

The DBE REACH Consortium manages the REACH registration of: 

  • the reaction mass of dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl succinate and dimethyl adipate, 
  • the reaction mass of di- isobutylglutarate, di-isobutyladipate and di-isobutylsuccinate,  
  • dimethyl adipate, 
  • dimethyl glutarate.

Substances covered

The substances covered by the DBE consortium are:

Substances EC Number CAS Number

Reaction mass of Dimethylglutarate, Dimethyladipate, Dimethylsuccinate  



Reaction mass of Di-isobutylglutarate, Di-isobutyladipate, Di-isobutylsuccinate 



Dimethyl adipate 



Dimethyl glutarate 




The DBE consortium is open to any European and non-European companies (or its only representatives) manufacturing or importing substances indicated above. The consortium works on registration dossiers for all substances indicated. Operational costs are shared equally among the members. For an appropriate fee the consortium will offer a Letter of Access to the registration dossiers being developed.

Cost for Letter of Access (LoA) and SIEF agreement

The LoA for each substance is available. Please use this link to access the LoA e-shop :

SIEF communication

Please find in the table above the link where you can download the SIEF agreement per substance. Should you be interested in purchasing a Letter of Access please access the LoA e-shop:


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