Any company required to register substances under REACH must join a substance information exchange forum (SIEF) in order to jointly submit a registration dossier.

REACH mandates that members of a SIEF cooperate with each other to meet their REACH obligations, including Regulation (EU) 2016/9 on data sharing. When many companies within a SIEF have data on the same substance of interest, members may decide to form a consortium to facilitate the exchange of data.

ReachCentrum helps companies determine the most effective way to organise the registration of multiple substances in the same group, either through the creation of a consortium or by supporting the Lead Registrant. We support the founding members and potential new consortium members in preparing their registration dossiers for timely submittal to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). We also manage authorisation consortia, helping companies ensure the application for authorisation is robust and submitted on time.

ReachCentrum offers support to consortia for their:

  • Formation process;
  • Preparation of registration dossiers and maintenance; and
  • Full support during evaluation and authorisation phases.

ReachCentrum’s one-stop shop approach can be adapted to any particular need. We offer support in any of the relevant fields relating to the preparation of registration dossier, including the follow-up of testing proposals or dossiers, substance evaluation and the preparation for filing an authorisation.

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