Biocide: Authorisation of Sodium Chloride

February 2015

ReachCentrum and its technical partner ARCHE are working together with EuSalt, the European Salt Producers' Association, to launch a consortium to gather interested parties for the registration and Authorisation of Sodium Chloride under Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

In accordance with art. 95 of the BPR, a substance supplier or product supplier needs to be included in the list of authorised suppliers by September 1st, 2015. Amendment to the BPR introduced by Regulation n. 334/2014 also allows product suppliers to apply to be included in the art. 95 list. Sodium Chloride is concerned as it is used to generate active chlorine via electrolysis for water disinfection, e.g. swimming pool water. 
A pre-consortium phase to organise the joint dossier for Sodium Chloride generating active chlorine is currently under preparation, in order, for suppliers, to be listed in Art. 95 for the product-types 1 to 5, and 11. The grouping of companies interested in the authorisation procedure of Biocidal Products is also under preparation.
The signing of pre-Consortium agreement will take place in early March 2015, once the cost of the letters of access is known. Therefore, it is still time for companies (salt manufacturers or importers, but also electrolysis device manufacturers and users of salt for biocidal purposes) to join the pre-Consortium and state their interest, by contacting Ms. Leondina Della Pietra ([email protected]) and Ms. Sandrine Lauret ([email protected]).
Next steps will be:

  • February 24th 2015: negotiating Letter of Access (with Aqualution, Eurochlor, and European Commission)
  • March 2015: collecting data
  • March 2015: signing pre-Consortium agreement
  • May 30th 2015: submitting dossier