A recent OECD guideline informs REACH registrants on how to reliably combine different sources of non-animal data on skin sensitisation properties of their substances. The guideline will help companies to reduce animal testing while ensuring that people are protected from allergies caused by chemicals.

ECHA, the European Chemical Agency, has now published advice on how to use the guideline and advance the use of non-animal test methods. Further information is available on ECHA website at https://echa.europa.eu/fr/-/new-guideline-reduces-animal-testing-and-protects-from-allergies-caused-by-chemicals

The reduction of animal testing is one of the main drivers behind our ChemDataSharing platform. This ReachCentrum comprehensive online offering allows data owners of chemical studies to sell access to their data to companies that need it for registration purposes, across a range of existing and upcoming chemical legislations. Visit ChemDataSharing.