ECHA is looking for SME examples for EuroNews business magazine

March 2014

ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency based in Helsinki, is looking for practical examples from small and medium-sized enterprises that have succeeded in turning REACH legal obligations into business opportunities – through substitution, product/process changes or innovative business strategies.

If you know of such examples, ECHA is inviting companies to share them. According to ECHA, “positive examples give recognition for the work carried out by industry to achieve high standards of chemical safety and support firms that are new to the legislation to comply with it. Practical examples from industry are the most wanted stories by ECHA news readers and are of interest to prepare a feature on REACH by EuroNews TV.”

If you are interested, please send your suggestions by 31 March to [email protected]

In the framework of the SMEs focus and support, ECHA has also focused its February Newsletter to small and medium-sized enterprises and their experiences. ReachCentrum has contributed with a guest column REACH 2018 – time is not on your side with some tips for SMEs about the strategy to follow between now and the last REACH registration deadline.