Do you want to know more about the REACH priorities after the second registration deadline?

March 2013

Vincenzo Girardi will speak a the "REACH: Legal Implications and Supply Chain Strategies 2013" conference on 26 and 27 June 2013 in Brussels

At the conference, organised by IBC Legal and Tax Conferences, high level speakers from industry and authorities will tackle several REACH topics such as REACH after the Commission review 2012,  preparation for inspections, REACH evalution, authorisation in the supply chain and much more.
ReachCentrum, with its training manager Vincenzo Girardi will address on 26 June the REACH priorities after the second registration deadline, including:

  • REACH audit - what are we doing within the company to be compliant with REACH SIEF activities?
  • Envisaging the eventual post registration activities of a SIEF - testing proposals are approved
  • Cost sharing re-evaluated eSDS - the production and distribution of extended safety data sheets adapted to the needs of customers
  • How do I achieve this dossier evaluation? Reviewing the quality of the actual dossier submitted to ECHA before ECHA uses it for substance evaluation
  • How to cope with inspections on site REACH?
  • The ‘A’ in REACH - what happens if authorisation becomes reality?
  • REACH knowledge drain - who needs to know what about REACH within the company and how to avoid losing knowledge when people leave

Further information is available at conference website