REACH authorisation update: Sodium Dichromate consortium now set up

February 2013

Brussels, February 8, 2013 - Six manufacturers of sodium chlorate have set up the sodium dichromate authorisation consortium to authorise their downstream use of sodium dichromate as a processing aid in the sodium chlorate process. Those founding members are: Akzo Nobel, Arkema, Ecros, Electroquímica de Hernani, Kemira and Solvay. Interested entities can still apply for membership by March 2013.

The Consortium members selected three service providers to help them prepare the application dossier for authorisation.

RPA and FoBIG were selected on the basis of their knowledge of chemicals risk assessment, socio-economic analysis as well as for the environmental expertise. ReachCentrum was selected as the consortium secretariat based on its experience with consortia management, more particular relating to in financial and communication aspects as well as general knowledge of REACH and the authorisation process as such.

“We are in the starting position to apply for an authorisation of our particular use. The biggest challenges will be that the process is new to all of us as downstream users. However, the consortium is operational and we have chosen experienced service providers to support us building the dossier” says Ingrid Brassart, chairperson of the authorisation consortium from Akzo Nobel.

Sodium dichromate (EC 234-190-3) is about to be placed on Annex XIV of REACH, indicating that after the sunset date given the use of sodium dichromate is prohibited unless the use has been authorised. It is expected that application for authorisation of sodium dichromate in a specific use needs to be submitted to ECHA at the latest by February 2016.

Consortia founding members are inviting entities that meet the criteria contained in the group’s consortium agreement to join. The declaration of access shall be signed by March 2013 the latest. After this date, it will not be possible to enter the consortium. 

Note to editors:

About ReachCentrum
ReachCentrum is the professional services body established by Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, which has been designed to help companies all through the value chain to fulfill the REACH requirements. ReachCentrum provides guidance to get acquainted with the REACH requirements, managing consortia, organising workshops and delivering in-company trainings. ReachCentrum services are available for European Union and non-EU chemical manufacturing companies.

RPA was established in April 1990 as an independent specialist consultancy providing expert advice in the environmental field to both public and private sector clients around the world.  RPA’s work is centred around the systematic analysis of socio-economic, human-health and environmental issues covering such areas as EU policy, economics, cost/risk-benefit analysis, technical risk assessment, and specialist project management advice.  Over the last 10 years, RPA has become one of the leading advisors to industry organisations on how to respond to the threat of REACH Authorisation and Restriction and on the scope and detail of the SEAs needed to justify the continued use of a substance.

FoBiG is a privately owned consultant institute specialised in regulatory toxicology with more than two decades of experience in exposure assessment and toxicological risk characterisation. FoBiG’s core areas are qualitative and quantitative in-depth assessment of chemical substances, the analysis, development and improvement of risk assessment methods and the establishment of exposure scenarios and quantitative exposure assessments. FoBiG has been engaged in the REACH-process since it’s very beginning, amongst other things working in implementation processes, supporting industries in the registration and authorisation processes.

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