Join the FEICA 2016 European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO in Vienna

August 2016

Year-on-year FEICA, the European voice of the adhesive and sealant industry, manages to attract a record number of industry professionals to discuss market drivers and niches, innovation, sustainability, new technical trends and technological mega-trends. The FEICA Conference and EXPO is established as the premier event for the adhesive and sealant industry, providing essential insights into the key issues affecting the industry and ample networking opportunities for formulators and raw materials suppliers to discuss the latest trends and wider business environment. The event will be held in Vienna from 7 to 9 September, and it will host the presentation of our ReachCentrum Project Manager Yvan Bisschops on “REACH 2018: the business impact”.

REACH isn't only a regulatory requirement but also (and probably mainly) a business issue, with direct and indirect costs for companies involved. in the Registration process. In addition to that, potentially serious outcomes for the business could arise from the REACH process in the event the chemical is placed under Restriction or Authorisation status. The outcomes may include new market constraints or limitations of use.
Last but not least: non registration of some chemicals in 2018 could force downstream users to take over the REACH role of the producers/importers and put the REACH registration duty on their shoulders.

For more information and registration, visit the conference website: For more information on ReachCentrum activities for 2018, please visit our dedicated page.