Meet your REACH 2018 Challenges

May 2016

Adapted ReachCentrum's services for REACH 2018, dedicated to small and medium enterprises and companies importing or manufacturing substances in low volume.

The next European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) registration deadline in May 2018, concerns all substances produced or imported into the EU supplied at quantities from 1  to 100 tonne per annum, per manufacturer or importer. This last deadline will be different from the two previous ones (2010, 2013), in terms of both number of registrations and type of registrants: according to ECHA's current working estimation, up to 60 000 registrations will be prepared for up to 25 000 substances. This means three times more than for either of the previous deadlines. In addition, ECHA expects many more of the registrants to be inexperienced as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

ReachCentrum is strongly committed to support companies to successfully go through these challenges by providing a whole new approach to register under REACH 2018, with a faster and cost-efficient process for individual and grouped registrants. We are helping many clients to meet their regulatory requirements by providing:

  • Light Project Management
  • Advanced Communications Tools
  • Simplified Contracts and
  • Clear Cost-Calculation Methods

In order to assist our clients we are planning a series of free webinar sessions to train your company in view of REACH 2018.

To know more on our services for REACH 2018, please visit our dedicated webpage, email [email protected] or call +32 2 6767425.