Formaldehyde REACH Consortium

The manufacturers of Formaldehyde joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have officially launched the Formaldehyde REACH Consortium on March 11th 2010. The dossier was successfully submitted in 2010.

Consortium description

Through the Formaldehyde Consortium, the manufacturers have decided to join efforts to prepare a consistent registration dossier building on the experience gained during the Formacare program. ReachCentrum is acting as a Secretariat of the Formaldehyde REACH Consortium. The technical content preparation of the registration dossier is managed by the Lead Registrant.

Substances covered

The following substance is covered by the Formaldehyde Consortium:

Substance CAS Number EC Number SIP Uses SIEF Agreement
Formaldehyde  200-001-8  50-00-0  SIP  Uses SIEF Agreement


Membership to the consortium is open for manufacturers/importers/only representatives as defined in the REACH Regulation of the substance on its own, in preparations or in articles and who are subject to the registration requirements pursuant to the REACH Regulation, or Affiliates thereof.

The Formaldehyde consortium, therefore is open to any European company manufacturing Formaldehyde as well as importers of the substance and only representatives. Downstream users and other data holders are also invited to play an active role in the work of the Consortium.

Joint Submission and Letter of Access

Upon entering the ReachCentrum LoA Shop at, you can create an account, and purchase your Letter of Access.

You will be required to accept the SIEF Agreement, available in the table of Substances covered. Following payment of the invoice you will receive the token and the other documents to complete your registration.

Please note that the final CSR will not be jointly submitted, however all Joint Registrants will receive a core CSR that they can modify as needed before adding their CSR to their own registrations. This is to ensure the flexibility needed for companies to manage their own CSRs.

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