Consortia initialisation for inclusion of suppliers of substances to be used as precursor for the in situ generation of active substances and Product(s) Authorisation

December 2014

Brussels December 17, 2014 - This communication is a follow up from interested suppliers’ requests (EuSalt) of NaCl (to be used as precursor for the in situ generation of active Chlorine (PT1-5), which is included in the review programme), to be included on the suppliers list as substance/product suppliers according to the Article 95 of the Biocides Product Regulation, by September 1, 2015. 

Moreover interest was also expressed on the inclusion of KCl (to be used as precursor for the in situ generation of active chlorine) under Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) No 1062/2014 or Art. 93 of the BPR. 

The active substance/precursor combination of KCl/active chlorine was not supported under the Review Programme, therefore the possibility is given to take over the role of participant. The Consortium can in this phase act as a participant. 

ReachCentrum and its technical service partner ARCHE are collecting interest in the setting-up of a voluntary cooperation (like a consortium) in order to facilitate suppliers of active Chlorine in situ generated from Sodium Chloride (by electrolysis) and Potassium Chloride (by electrolysis):

  • In the inclusion on the article 95 list
  • In taking over the role of participant under the review programme
  • In Biocidal Product Authorisations (as single products or under one or more biocidal product families) based on NaCl and KCl as precursors. 

ReachCentrum and ARCHE are extending the invitation to other companies wanting to join the consortia for the above purpose. If interested, please complete the excel spreadsheet to be downloaded from “Downloads” by January 20, 2015 and email it to:

Leondina Della Pietra,

[email protected]

+32 2 676 73 12