Call for expression of interest for Active substance approval 1-Nonanol and Gallic Acid under the EU Biocidal Product Regulation: establishment of a consortium for dossier preparation and submission

September 2014

Brussels, September 19, 2014 A company has expressed an interest in cooperating with other parties to prepare an application for approval of two active substances under the EU Biocidal Product Regulation 528/2012 namely 1-Nonanol and Gallic Acid (PT2, PT5, PT10, PT21).

On behalf of this company, ReachCentrum would like to hear from others interested in joining forces to prepare and submit a dossier for the approval of the above-mentioned two active ingredients.

Those companies willing to join are kindly requested to express their interest at the latest bySeptember 30, 2014.

Identity of the substances

Chemical name: 1-Nonanol

EC Number: 205-583-7

CAS Number: 143-08-8

PT of interest: PT2, PT5, PT10, PT21


Chemical name: Gallic Acid

EC Number: 205-749-9

CAS Number: 149-91-7

PT of interest: PT2, PT5, PT10, PT21


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