Staff change in ReachCentrum

April 2014

Dear ReachCentrum Customers, as of April 30th 2014, Vincenzo Girardi, ReachCentrum’s Training Manager has left to pursue a new opportunity.

Vincenzo joined ReachCentrum in 2007 when the company was one year in operation. Since then he has built a solid reputation as one of the finest service providers for companies needing to be compliant with REACH regulation. He designed, developed and delivered numerous classroom sessions, workshops, webinars and online training for ReachCentrum vast clientele.

There are many outstanding aspects of Vincenzo’s contribution to ReachCentrum but we want to make special mention of the IUCLID5 training he developed for companies to process their REACH registration dossier. His efforts did not go without recognition because in 2013 Vincenzo was awarded the Bronze Medal for Live Online Learning Facilitator at the Annual Learning Award ceremony held by the Learning and Performance Institute. As Vincenzo moves onward, Rita Sookrit will be taking over as Training Manager at ReachCentrum.

Rita Sookrit, a certified training and development professional, has over 20 years’ experience in learning and development from various industries. She is Canadian and has international experience developing learning strategies and managing all aspects of training. Rita can be reached at [email protected]

Please join ReachCentrum in wishing Vincenzo continued success in his next role and welcoming Rita to the team.