Second REACH registration deadline successfully passed

June 2013

Hot on the heels of the second REACH deadline of 31 May 2013, ReachCentrum is glad to announce that it has successfully repeated the good performance showed during the first registration deadline of November 2010.

The success of its work is accompanied also by the data related to the Letter of Access e-shop set up by ReachCentrum in 2010. The platform currently includes more than 600 substances, with an increase of 50% compared to early 2011.
Through the purchase of the Letter of Access (LoA) via the e-shop, SIEF members have access to the registration dossier. Having bought the LoA, members received the required information to help complete their own dossiers. Even orders placed in the last week before the deadline led to registrations being made on time. The system again proved to be efficient for lead registrants as well as for co-registrants.

Commenting on these figures, Leo Appelman, managing director of ReachCentrum said: “The increase in the sales of Letters of Access shows the constant growth of the system and its potential for the next important submission deadline in 2018, when companies dealing with substances below 100 tones will need to register. These numbers reinforce our commitment in supporting companies through the REACH registration process.”

ReachCentrum, thanks to the constant development of new services, is already supporting companies anticipating the 2018 deadline as well as the evaluation and authorisation phases which are attracting the attention of concerned companies. Mr Appelman added: "We would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you" to all the customers, past and present. We appreciate your business very much and hope you consider us as your source in the future."

For further information please contact Francesca Furlan at [email protected].