IUCLID 6 is now available

May 2016

ECHA has released on April 29, 2016 a new version of IUCLID, the tool used for creating REACH and CLP dossiers.

IUCLID 6 is based on updated technology and includes updated formats, which accommodate the changes to the annexes to the REACH Regulation and test guidelines. The user manuals have been simplified as well and remain available on ECHA's website. They will soon be translated to 22 EU languages.
The IUCLID plug-ins, including the Validation Assistant, have been updated so that registrants can check their dossiers before submitting them to ECHA.
An update of REACH-IT will follow at the end of June. Once the new REACH-IT is launched, only dossiers created with IUCLID 6 can be submitted. Until then, registrants must continue using IUCLID 5 for submissions. However, ECHA advises to use the time between the two IT tool launches to start preparing for the switch to IUCLID 6.
To help you find out about the changes and the new features of the new IUCLID, ReachCentrum is hosting a IUCLID6 overview webinar on May 12.
The webinar, offering an introduction to the new tool, will be completed by the training IUCLID REACH of May 26. A discount will be granted to those who will attend webinar and training.

More information  on IUCLID is available on ECHA website.