Call of Interest Global Chromates Consortium for Aerospace (GCCA) - deadline extended to April 22th

March 2016

Deadline extended to April 22th 2016 - The Global Chromates Consortium for Aerospace (GCCA) after having successfully submitted application for aerospace (and derivatives) use as surface coating for several chromate substances with latest application date March 2016 is now pursuing applications for aerospace (and derivatives use) for the remaining chromates with latest application date July 22, 2017.

Substance name EC number CAS number
Dichromium tris(chromate) 246-356-2 24613-89-6
Pentazinc chromate octahydroxide 256-418-0 49663-84-5
Potassium hydroxyoctaoxodinzicatedichromate 234-329-8 11103-86-9
Strontium chromate 232-142-6 7789-06-2

For this reason the consortium is now open for any new member applications until 15th April 2016 - deadline extended to April 22th 2016.

GCCA is pursuing upstream applications that will cover the entire aerospace and derivative downstream supply chains and hence are jointly prepared.

The Consortium agreement can be downloaded here.To express your interest, please complete the Uses mapping template, indicating your intentions, and send it to the consortium manager, Mrs Cornelia Tietz, at [email protected].

For any further questions please contact Mrs Tietz.

Cornelia Tietz
[email protected]
+32 2 676 7249


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