Titanium Dioxide Industry TDIC REACH consortium


The manufacturers of Titanium Dioxide have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched the TDIC REACH consortium.

Consortium description

The Titanium Dioxide Industry Consortium (TDIC) will manage the REACH registration of titanium dioxide and related manufacturing process intermediates and will liaise with registrants of key raw materials in other consortia and SIEFs.

Substances covered

The substances covered by the TDIC consortium are :

Substance CAS number EC number Molecular Formula Scope* Guidance IUCLID
Titanium dioxide 13463-67-7 236-675-5 TiO2 Substance Guidance
Titanium tetrachloride 7550-45-0 231-441-9 TiCl4 Substance  
Titanium oxide sulphate 13825-74-6 237-523-0 TiOSO4 Substance  
Dichloride titanium oxide 13780-39-7 237-430-5 TiOCl2 Substance  
Disodium titanate 12034-34-3 234-802-9 Na2TiO3 Intermediate >1000t/a
and substance 1-10t/a


* The consortium will prepare registration dossiers for the substances indicated as a Substance or Intermediate under the definition of Article 3 EC Regulation 1907/2006. The registration dossier for the intermediates will be in accordance with Article 18 of the previously mentioned Regulation. As a consequence all uses of the intermediate must be complying with Paragraph 4 of Article 18.