Propylene Oxide-Propylene Glycols REACH consortium


ReachCentrum was selected as Project Manager of the Propylene Oxide-Propylene Glycols REACH (POPG) consortium.

Consortium description
The Propylene Oxide-Propylene Glycols REACH consortium was officially launched in August 2008 after agreements between the member companies on the terms of the contract that define the operation of the consortium, including its structure, ownership of data and cost sharing.

Substances covered

PO-PG producers and importers have formed the REACH POPG consortium to handle the preparation of the technical documentation required under REACH for the following substances:

Consortium name Substance name EC number
Propylene oxide Methyloxirane EC 200-879-2
Monopropylene glycol Propane-1,2-diol 200-338-0
Dipropylene glycol Oxydipropanol 246-770-3
Tripropylene glycol [(Methylethylene)bis(oxy)]dipropanol 246-466-0
Mixed glycols (process stream containing mainly a mixture of the above mentioned glycols and heavier homologs Propane-1,2-diol, propoxylated 500-039-8