LiSAO (Light Stabilizers And Antioxidants) REACH consortium


The manufacturers of light stabilizers and antioxidants have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched the LiSAO REACH consortium in April 2009.

Consortium activities

The consortium members agreed to cooperate in the preparation of a REACH Registration dossier for LiSAO substances with the aim to cover the major uses of the substances. The dossiers will include information for harmonised classification and labelling. The consortium is managed by ReachCentrum. The LiSAO REACH consortium structure includes a Steering Committee and a Technical Committee.

Substances covered

The substances that are currently covered by the LiSAO consortium can be found in the LiSAO substances list. The substances groups covered are:
    •    HALS
    •    Phosphites
    •    Phenolic antioxidants
    •    UV absorbers

Our members collectively have significant experience with these chemistries. The industry will benefit from a common approach for these important substances.