Formaldehyde REACH Consortium


The manufacturers of Formaldehyde joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have officially launched the Formaldehyde REACH consortium on March 11th 2010. The dossier was successfully submitted in 2010.

Consortium description
Through the Formaldehyde consortium, the manufacturers have decided to join efforts to prepare a consistent registration dossier building on the experience gained during the Formacare program. The project management and secretariat of the consortium lays in the responsibility of ReachCentrum. The technical content preparation of the registration dossier will be managed by the Lead Registrant BASF.

Substances covered

The following substance is covered by the Formaldehyde Consortium:

Substance name EC number CAS number SIP Uses SIEF Agreement
Formaldehyde 200-001-8 50-00-0 SIP Uses  SIEF Agreement