Ethyl Acetate REACH consortium


The manufacturers of Ethyl Acetate have formed a consortium for their REACH compliance activities.

Consortium description
The Ethyl Acetate REACH consortium was launched in September 2008 upon the initiative of the European producers of ethyl acetate as organized in the Oxygenated Solvents Producers Association (OSPA), part of the petrochemistry industry sector of Cefic.

Substances covered

In this consortium 5 companies combine their efforts to prepare a consistent REACH registration dossier before 30 November 2010 for the following substance:

Substance CAS number EC number
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6 205-500-4

The Ethyl Acetate consortium invites all interested parties – other EU manufacturers, non-EU manufacturers, importers, downstream users or other data holders – to join the consortium and play an active role in its REACH works.