OrganoTin REACH consortium

Manufacturers of stabilizers and catalysts based on organo-tin (IV) chemistry have formed the OrganoTin REACH consortium.

10 Manufacturers/importers are working together to develop the necessary dossiers for the registration of substances which are common to two or more manufacturers or importers.
The work of the OrganoTin consortium started towards the end of 2006 when ETINSA launched an initiative aiming at gathering around a table the manufacturers of stabilizers and catalysts based on tin (IV) chemistry to discuss the formation of a REACH consortium. By May 2007 a pre-consortium agreement had been signed by the participants and a REACH consortium has now been created.


Membership of the OrganoTin REACH consortium is open to importers, only representatives, downstream users and non-EU manufacturers provided that they are represented by an only representative.


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