Hydrogen Chloride REACH Consortium

The manufacturers of hydrogen chloride have joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched in December 2008 the HCl REACH Consortium.

Consortium description

The members of the Hydrogen Chloride REACH Consortium agreed to cooperate in the preparation of a joint, full substance REACH registration dossier for HCl. The consortium is managed by ReachCentrum.

Substances covered

The following substance is covered by the Hydrogen Chloride Consortium and has to be registered under the REACH legislation by December 2010:

Substance name EC Number CAS Number
Hydrogen Chloride (HCI) 231-595-7 7647-01-0


The dossier focuses on the use of hydrochloric acid (HCL in water); gaseous (anhydrous) HCL is only registered as transported isolated intermediate for generating hydrochloric acid under strictly controlled conditions. However, registrants wishing to register gaseous HCL as non-intermediate should also approach the Consortium (please see the Contact section).


The HCl REACH Consortium structure includes a Steering Committee, an Executive Committee and a Technical Committee. The consortium is open to manufacturers, importers and only representatives as defined in the REACH regulation and includes their Affiliates.

Current members of the Hydrogen Chloride consortium are:

  • Akzo Nobel Industrial Chemicals BV
  • Altair Chimica SpA
  • Anwil SA
  • Arkema France
  • Bayer Material Science AG
  • Borregaard Industries Ltd
  • Borsodchem RT
  • CABB GmbH
  • CABB Holding GmbH
  • Cabot Corporation
  • Chimcomplex Borzesti
  • CUF- Quimicos Industriais SA
  • DniproAZOT Trade s.r.o.
  • Donau Chemie AG
  • Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft GmbH
  • DuPont de Nemours (Nederland) BV
  • Dyneon GmbH
  • Electroquimica de Hernani SA
  • Ercros Industrial SA
  • Evonik Degussa GmbH
  • Finchimica Spa
  • Kemira Oyj
  • Fluorchemie GmbH Frankfurt
  • Grillo-Werke Aktiengesellschaft
  • Hellenic Petroleum
  • Huntsman Europe BVBA
  • Industrial Chemicals Ltd
  • Ineos Chlor Limited
  • International Chemical Investors SA
  • Kronos International
  • MEMC Electronic Materials Spa
  • Micro-Bio Limited
  • Millenium Inorganic Chemicals Ltd
  • Müllwervetung Borsigstrasse GmbH
  • Müllwervetung Rugenberger Damm GmbH & CO. KG
  • Nufarm Limited
  • Novacke Chemichké Zavody A/S
  • Oltchim SA
  • PCC SE
  • Perstorp France
  • Polimeri PLC
  • Produits Chimiques d’Harbonnières
  • Quimica del Cinca SA
  • Rhodia UK Ltd
  • Sasol Germany GmbH
  • Solvay Electrolyse France SAS
  • Spolchemie
  • Syndial SA
  • Teijin Aramid
  • Tessenderlo Chemie NV
  • Thor GmbH
  • Vestolit GmbH
  • Vinnolit GmbH
  • Wacker Chemie AG
  • Wibarco GmbH
  • Zaklady Chemiczne Zachem

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Letter of Access

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