Citrics REACH Consortium

The manufacturers of Citric acid compounds join efforts for their REACH compliance activities and have launched in January 2009 their Citrics REACH Consortium.

Consortium description

Through the Citrics REACH Consortium, the manufacturers have decided to join efforts to prepare a consistent registration dossier building on the experience gained during the OECD/HPV program. The project management and secretariat of the consortium will be handled by ReachCentrum.

Substances covered

All covered substances have been successfully registered by the LR in 2010:

Substance name EC Number CAS Number
Citric acid 201-069-1 77-92-9
Trisodium citrate 200-675-3 68-04-2
Sodium dihydrogen citrate 242-734-6 18996-35-5
Tripotassium citrate 212-755-5 866-84-2
Tricalcium dicitrate 212-391-7 813-94-5
Trimagnesium dicitrate 222-093-9 3344-18-1
Trizinc dicitrate 208-901-2 546-46-3


Manufacturers/ importers/ only representatives as defined in the REACH Regulation of the substance on its own, in preparations or in articles and who are subject to the registration requirements pursuant to the REACH Regulation, or Affiliates thereof and who participate in the consortium.

Membership is open to any applicant fulfilling the membership criteria. The Citrics REACH Consortium is open to any European and non-European companies manufacturing the above mentioned substances, as well as importers of the substances. Downstream users and other data holders are also invited to play an active role in the work of the consortium.

All manufacturers/importers or only representatives, having data important for the dossier compilation are invited to contact the consortium secretariat to discuss access to the data. Downstream users and other data holders are invited to play an active role in the work of the Citrics REACH Consortium.

However as all covered substances have been already registered, no further consortium work has been planned and therefore it wouldn’t maybe make sense - at this moment – for a newcomer to join the consortium. Access to registered dossiers is possible via a LoA.


Current members of the Citrics REACH consortium:

  • Jungbunzlauer Austria AG
  • SA Citrique Belge NV
  • Gadot Bio-Chem (Europe) BV
  • Tate&Lyle Ingredients Americas Inc
  • ADM Services BV
  • Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service
  • B-LANDs Consulting

SIEF communication

SIEFs for all its substances. Company Jungbunzlauer is the Lead Registrant for all Consortium substances. For any questions related to the substances represented by the Consortium please contact the Secretariat (ReachCentrum).

Exposure assessment and risk characterization are required by REACH when a substance meets the criteria for classification as 'dangerous’ under Directive 67/548 - known as CLP Regulation - or meets PBT/vPvB criteria. Therefore, no exposure scenarios, nor detailed use mapping is required for the following citrates:

  • Trisodium citrate, EC No. 200-675-3
  • Monosodium citrate, EC No. 242-734-6
  • Tripotassium citrate, EC No. 212-755-5
  • Tricalcium citrate, EC No. 212-391-7
  • Trimagnesium citrate, EC No. 222-093-9

Use mapping and exposure scenarios were prepared for the following substances:

  • Citric acid, EC No. 201-069-1
  • Trizinc dicitrate, EC No. 208-901-2  

The codes used were published for review by ECHA on 23 November 2009. As the ECHA R12 codes are not definitive, the information on uses presented herein may be updated from time to time without notice. This information has been presented using the best knowledge currently available, and is to be relied upon at the user’s own risk. No representation is being made on accuracy or completeness and no liability will be accepted for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use or reliance on this information. If there is any question on uses to be covered by the Citrics REACH Consortium, SIEF members are invited to check with ReachCentrum’s secretariat.

SIEF Agreement

  • Citric acid, EC 201-069-1 SIEF agreement can be downloaded here
  • Citric acid, EC 201-069-1 scanned SIEF agreement signed by the Lead Registrant can be downloaded here
  • Trisodium citrate, EC 200-675-3 SIEF agreement can be downloaded here 
  • Trisodium citrate, EC 200-675-3 scanned SIEF agreement signed by the Lead Registrant can be downloaded here

Please download the scanned SIEF agreement signed by the Lead Registrant, print it, sign it and add the requested information’s (full address and name and full address of company represented in case you are an OR , please only one signed SIEF Agreement for each represented company) and send it back under .pdf format to

Spectra required by each individual registrant

Please be aware of the fact that ECHA requires analytical data by each individual registrant. The requirements are laid down in points 2.3.5 – 2.3.7 of Annex VI of the REACH regulation, and in IUCLID 5 section 1.4, respectively.

Further guidance can be found on ECHA website.

Letter of Access

The Letters of Access for Citric acid and Trisodium citrate are now available and can be purchased via ReachCentrum LoA e-shop.

For any questions or problems please contact

Cantersteen 47
B-1000 Brussels