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REACH requires strategic thinking to get your company ready to pass the various phases of the legislation. ReachCentrum offers REACH expert consultancy to support REACH implementation within companies and other stakeholder groups, in order to help you adopt the most effective strategy.
ReachCentrum has gained a highly respected reputation in delivering consultancy on chemicals regulation. Our focus is on providing practical advice and guidance for those companies needing to fulfil their REACH obligations, whilst fully respecting your business strategy.

ReachCentrum‘s approach is to listen to and carefully analyse each customers’ needs, and then to find the best solution adapted to their requirements and fine tune the support needed throughout the registration, evaluation and authorisation phases of REACH.

Our service covers:

  • Strategic help for your REACH business management
  • Cost effective approach towards the REACH phases

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Receiving very comprehensive SDSs containing many different uses? Getting rather different eSDS from your suppliers? In the need of compiling your eSDS from different sources?
You are certainly familiar with this situation. Supplier X sends you an extended SDS. This contains 143 pages – not easy to find your own use immediately.
Supplier Y sends also an extended SDS. This is totally in another format, but only has 38 pages. However it contains another classification and hence different labeling instructions. What do you do?
You will have to analyze carefully each SDS received, retrace your use, the relevant CL and adapt those information to your own SDS or to internal safety cards.
There is currently no way to automate this.

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