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Authorisation is the REACH process related to controlling the risk of substances of very high concern (SVHC) by authorising just specific uses.

The authorisation process aims to ensure that substances of very high concern (SVHCs) are progressively replaced by less dangerous substances or technologies where technically and economically feasible alternatives are available.

Substances on the Authorisation List (annex XIV) cannot be placed on the market or used after the so called “sunset date” - unless an authorisation has been granted for a specific use, or the use has been exempted from authorisation. 

Your substance has been selected as substance of potential concern. How can you prepare and follow all necessary steps ? How to organise your comments? What would be the best approach to have your uses authorised? 

Those are some of the questions the ReachCentrum Authorisation Support Service can help you address. The main objective of the Authorisation Support Service is to assist your company in performing all the procedures and tasks necessary prior and within the framework of a REACH authorisation process. 

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ReachCentrum ramps up activities for new phase of the authorisation process

A manufacturer's consortium to prepare the Applications for Authorisation for Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, also known as DEHP(EC 204-211-0), has been in operation since April 2011. David Buszard, consortium manager for the DEHP Authorisation Task Force, said: "During the first registration phase, ReachCentrum proved its expertise and efficiency in managing the Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate consortium. Setting up the Authorisation Task Force for Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate with ReachCentrum was a natural progression".
In addition to the DEHP group, another authorisation consortium has very recently been set up as an initiative of downstream users, for Hexabromocyclododecane or HBCD (EC 221-695-9) for the use as a flame retardant in expanded insulation foam boards (EPS).
Founding members of HBCD consortium were already active within Plastics Europe and for compliance reasons decided to look for an independent secretariat and technical service provider. They selected ReachCentrum because “it offered a package solution of professional project management with a technical service provider already knowledgeable about HBCD and the REACH authorisation process”, noted Stephen Long of Ineos Styrenics, the lead company in the consortium.

Leo Appelman, managing director of ReachCentrum, explained: “Companies whose substances are affected by the substances for authorisation should organise themselves as early as possible to be prepared for the work that will follow.
“The aim of our support is first trying to use the synergy between potential applicants as much as possible, for which consortia form an ideal basis. If a company finds itself alone, they must look for the right support early in the process to make sure your application for authorisation is robust and can be submitted on time”.

ReachCentrum partners with ERM
To reinforce its existing support service offered to industry, ReachCentrum signed in July a partnership agreement with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services. The agreement aims to develop a high quality one-stop-shop for service to support chemical industry preparations for authorisation applications including risk assessment, analysis of alternatives (AoA), the development of Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA), and preparation of authorisation dossiers in IUCLID5. Leo Appelman adds “in case of authorisation application, companies should be able to present robust scientific evidence balanced with socio economic arguments”.

Moreover, ReachCentrum has recently launched a series of REACH Authorisation learning events, offered together in a promotional “bundle”. The initiative comprises a series of eight learning webinars packaged together to create a comprehensive, distance learning-based, support package for industry and potential authorisation applicants. The programme also covers the practical aspects of how to prepare each part of the authorisation dossier.

Note to editors:

ReachCentrum is the professional services body established by Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, which has been designed to help companies all through the value chain to fulfil the REACH requirements. ReachCentrum provides guidance to get acquainted with the REACH requirements, managing Consortia, organising workshops and delivering in-company trainings. ReachCentrum services are available for European and non-EU chemical manufacturing companies.

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