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  • Upstream & downstream communication support on hazard, uses, authorisation/ restriction related details.
  • Communication to ECHA according the obligation of manufacturers and importers of articles.
  • SIEF communication.

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  • Screening the official substances lists (candidate list,annexXIV, XV,XVII, CORAP, RAPEX etc)and/or relevant other Restricted Substance Lists comparing with any substance list you provide us with.
  • Follow up relevant ECHA’s comment on substance dossiers of importance, new guidance documents & cases.

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ECHA to check substance identity of REACH 2013 registrations

Based on the screening results, registrants might receive an informal letter from ECHA providing advice on how to address the most typical substance identification shortcomings.
ECHA will not directly follow-up on these letters. They are purely an opportunity for registrants to check and spontaneously update their dossiers. At the end of 2013, the Agency will launch more systematic actions to improve substance identity information. These actions will focus on IT-based screening of specific substance identity information in all REACH registrations. At that stage, failure to address any detected shortcomings may lead to legally binding follow-up actions from ECHA.
Further information available at http://echa.europa.eu/regulations/reach/substance-identity

  • REACH Audit of the processes in place in order to comply with the obligations for a downstream user.
  • Working flow assistance or audit to:
    • track & identify chemical substances used/present
    • identify all points where communication/knowledge about chemicals is crucial
    • review crisis management
  • Defining a risk management based verification process on substances in articles by third parties.


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ReachCentrum and LearningSpan launch REACH e-learning package

In response to the increasing request for information and training about REACH by US companies, ReachCentrum and US-based LearningSpan have created a REACH e-learning package. The twelve course self-paced training series, available online, offers a comprehensive overview of the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemical substances).