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Asia-Pacific chemical legislation

ReachCentrum has signed a partnership agreement with SCAS Europe to deliver support services related to Asia-Pacific Chemical Notifications and Registrations. The new collaboration targets European and non European companies needing to comply with such legislations.

Do you need to know more about Chemical Substances Notification and Registration in Japan and other Asian countries? Japan requires the notification of the tonnage of imported chemical substances at national and/or prefecture levels since April 2011.

In October 2010, the revised chemical law came into effect in China. Multi-regional approach is increasing being used for global notifications and registrations. Knowing regulations in Asian countries is important to comply with each requirement and to expand your business.

In order to support chemical companies to meet their obligations under the Asia-Pacific chemical notifications and registration regulations, ReachCentrum and Scas Europe* have therefore decided to signup a partnership that will promote services provided by SCAS Europe in this field.

By partnering with SCAS Europe ReachCentrum will improve its support to European and non European companies with high quality service, and will facilitate the contacts between companies and the Asia-Pacific chemical legislation.

If you want to have further information and you are looking for a support, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call us at +32 2 676 7400.


* SCAS Europe S.A./N.V.is the European liaison office of Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd. SCAS), the largest and the leading service provider of chemical analysis and evaluation in Japan.It offers total solutions and is a convenient one-stop shop meeting global regulatory needs with particular strength in the Asia-Pacific region.


ReachCentrum provides you with a series of services to help you comply with chemicals regulations beyond REACH, involving European and non European companies. Discover here how our services related to the Turkish chemical legislation and to the Chemical Substance Notification and Registration in Japan and other Asian countries are adapted to the needs of your company.

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