AoA by ReachCentrum and ERM among the ECHA good examples of AoA and SEA for REACH Authorisation

The examples illustrate different practices of how applications for authorisation under REACH have been prepared. The analysis, submitted by DOMO Caproleuna GmbH for Trichloroethylene, represents an example of a downstream user analysis of alternatives.

ECHA summarizes the Analysis as follows: … applicant provides a concise summary of substance function based on a series of technical criteria. The assessment of the technical feasibility of alternative substances is then assessed against these criteria. The methodology and data used for the assessment of economic feasibility are set out. Conclusions are linked to the analysis and the applicant makes good use of summary tables.

The list of examples of socio-economic analyses and analyses of alternatives is available from ECHA’s website.

Under REACH Authorisation of chemical substances, Analysis of Alternatives aims to demonstrate that no alternative is appropriate, technically and economically feasible, less risky and available. All applications for Authorisation must include an analysis of alternatives.

Since ReachCentrum’s acquisition in June 2015, ReachCentrum and ERM have combined their technical and management expertise to support industry under REACH Authorisation. Services include Regulatory advice, Strategic planning, Communication facilitation (supply chain, data access), Application for Authorisation and Review of documents, Analysis of Alternatives and Socio Economic Analysis, and  also  setting up interest groups, taskforces and consortia to serve a common goal for Registration and Evaluation, and  Authorisation. For further information, contact Cornelia Tietz at [email protected] and visit ReachCentrum’s website at http://www.reachcentrum.eu/services.html.

CHESAR upgraded to 2.2

The tool has been updated to ease the generation of exposure scenarios for communication in the supply chain. This update marks the first step in standardisation of exposure scenario information for downstream users.
The new Chesar version enables registrants to generate their exposure scenarios to be used for communication in the supply chain directly from their chemical safety assessments, helping to avoid manual transfer of information to the registrants' safety data sheet systems and/or copying whole chapters from the chemical safety report into the annex of the safety data sheet.

Chesar 2.2 also offers the possibility to import the ESCom standard phrase catalogue, published by the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) early March 2013 in a Chesar compatible format.
With the new functionalities, registrants can use Chesar not only to make a comprehensive chemical safety report but also to produce extended safety data sheets for downstream users on how to control risks to workers, consumers and the environment that are fully consistent with the chemical safety report.

Further information is available at http://chesar.echa.europa.eu/

  • Upstream & downstream communication support on hazard, uses, authorisation/ restriction related details.
  • Communication to ECHA according the obligation of manufacturers and importers of articles.
  • SIEF communication.

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REACH requires strategic thinking to get your company ready to pass the various phases of the legislation. ReachCentrum offers REACH expert consultancy to support REACH implementation within companies and other stakeholder groups, in order to help you adopt the most effective strategy.
ReachCentrum has gained a highly respected reputation in delivering consultancy on chemicals regulation. Our focus is on providing practical advice and guidance for those companies needing to fulfil their REACH obligations, whilst fully respecting your business strategy.

ReachCentrum‘s approach is to listen to and carefully analyse each customers’ needs, and then to find the best solution adapted to their requirements and fine tune the support needed throughout the registration, evaluation and authorisation phases of REACH.

Our service covers:

  • Strategic help for your REACH business management
  • Cost effective approach towards the REACH phases

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ECHA releases preconfigured IUCLID 5

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has released a preconfigured version of IUCLID 5, to help companies prepare applications for authorisation (AfA). Running on Microsoft Windows computers, without the need to install any other software, it is dedicated to those companies that do not yet have IUCLID 5 installed, particularly small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). The Preconfigured IUCLID 5 for AfA  supplies partially pre-filled datasets for the substances in the Authorisation List. The new release doesn’t replace the most recent version of IUCLID 5 or existing installations, which can still be used to prepare dossiers for applications for authorisation, warns ECHA. More information is available in ECHA website.