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REACH requires strategic thinking to get your company ready to pass the various phases of the legislation. ReachCentrum offers REACH expert consultancy to support REACH implementation within companies and other stakeholder groups, in order to help you adopt the most effective strategy.
ReachCentrum has gained a highly respected reputation in delivering consultancy on chemicals regulation. Our focus is on providing practical advice and guidance for those companies needing to fulfil their REACH obligations, whilst fully respecting your business strategy.

ReachCentrum‘s approach is to listen to and carefully analyse each customers’ needs, and then to find the best solution adapted to their requirements and fine tune the support needed throughout the registration, evaluation and authorisation phases of REACH.

Our service covers:

  • Strategic help for your REACH business management
  • Cost effective approach towards the REACH phases

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Do you want to know more about the REACH priorities after the second registration deadline?

At the conference, organised by IBC Legal and Tax Conferences, high level speakers from industry and authorities will tackle several REACH topics such as REACH after the Commission review 2012,  preparation for inspections, REACH evalution, authorisation in the supply chain and much more.
ReachCentrum, with its training manager Vincenzo Girardi will address on 26 June the REACH priorities after the second registration deadline, including:

  • REACH audit - what are we doing within the company to be compliant with REACH SIEF activities?
  • Envisaging the eventual post registration activities of a SIEF - testing proposals are approved
  • Cost sharing re-evaluated eSDS - the production and distribution of extended safety data sheets adapted to the needs of customers
  • How do I achieve this dossier evaluation? Reviewing the quality of the actual dossier submitted to ECHA before ECHA uses it for substance evaluation
  • How to cope with inspections on site REACH?
  • The ‘A’ in REACH - what happens if authorisation becomes reality?
  • REACH knowledge drain - who needs to know what about REACH within the company and how to avoid losing knowledge when people leave

Further information is available at conference website

ECHA to check substance identity of REACH 2013 registrations

Based on the screening results, registrants might receive an informal letter from ECHA providing advice on how to address the most typical substance identification shortcomings.
ECHA will not directly follow-up on these letters. They are purely an opportunity for registrants to check and spontaneously update their dossiers. At the end of 2013, the Agency will launch more systematic actions to improve substance identity information. These actions will focus on IT-based screening of specific substance identity information in all REACH registrations. At that stage, failure to address any detected shortcomings may lead to legally binding follow-up actions from ECHA.
Further information available at http://echa.europa.eu/regulations/reach/substance-identity

EU new Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) applying from September 1st

What does the regulation say? According to it, all biocidal products to be placed on the market require an authorisation, with a previous approval of the active substances contained in that product. Common examples of such biocidal products can be disinfectants, wood preservatives, insect repellents and pest control products.
ReachCentrum has set up a service focusing in particular to support those companies looking for an authorisation of biocidal products/approval of active substances, together with its strategic partner ARCHE for the whole process whether it is for an application of authorisation on EU level or for one on national level. Also the support for the transition period (i.e. for the applications for active substance under BPD that will still be under evaluation on 1 September 2013) is part of our full flash service. Our main area of actions includes:

  • Strategic advice on the regulatory process including  approval of active substances and authorisation of biocidal products
  • Cost reduction possibilities for joint submission management and product families
  • Tailored training (e.g. How to comply with BPR, dossier      preparation and submission, and risk assessment)
  • Preparation and submission of active substances and  biocidal products dossiers  together with our strategic partner ARCHE

 NEW! Software Training for the Biocidal Products Regulation
 The process for submitting your biocides applications involves three IT-tools:

  • IUCLID 5 contains the new functions to manage biocide-specific information and create BPR dossiers.
  • R4BP 3 is a central hub used for all communications between the applicants and the authorities. It will be used for submitting      applications, exchanging data and information between the applicant, ECHA, Member State competent authorities and the European Commission.
  • REACH-IT to create user accounts for R4BP 3.

ReachCentrum and ARCHE offer tailored training on the use of these tools and the workflow to help applicants organise themselves to submit the appropriate dossier and monitor the communication.
For further information please visit http://www.reachcentrum.eu/component/content/article/19-beyondreach/32-biocides-support-service.html or contact Leo Appelman at [email protected]

ReachCentrum and LearningSpan launch REACH e-learning package

In response to the increasing request for information and training about REACH by US companies, ReachCentrum and US-based LearningSpan have created a REACH e-learning package. The twelve course self-paced training series, available online, offers a comprehensive overview of the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemical substances).