REACH Learning programme

ReachCentrum helps you understand what your level of REACH knowledge is, guiding you through the entire process: our programme of REACH events offers practical, informative advice and useful know-how that can immediately be implemented within your organisation. We organise REACH and Biocides related workshops, training courses, conferences and webinars, in-house company training, as well as boot camps for REACH awareness. ReachCentrum has also developed e-learning courses to enable you to learn in your time and at your own pace. Read more

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REACH e-learning package

ReachCentrum and the US based LearningSpan have created a REACH e-learning package, an online solution offering a series of 12 courses which reflect a full overview on REACH. The e-learning package is conceived for those companies which need to strengthen their REACH compliance knowledge in order to better understand how REACH affects their business.

The e-learning package combines the technology of the learning management system platform of LearningSpan, which allows you to access the modules and to monitor learning progress, together with the REACH training experience that ReachCentrum has gained during the past years.

The self-paced training courses cover a wide variety of topics that come from LearningSpan's diverse group of subject matter experts.

Course listing:

  • REACH 1 – Overview
  • REACH 2 – Milestones and Timelines
  • REACH 3 – Roles within Industry
  • REACH 4 – SIEF vs. Consortium
  • REACH 5 – SIEF Management
  • REACH 6 – Legal Implications of a SIEF
  • REACH 7 – Data Sharing, Cost Sharing in a SIEF
  • REACH 8 – SIEF Project Planning
  • REACH 9 – Supply Chain Communication for your business
  • REACH 10 – Project Planning within a Company
  • REACH 11 – How does REACH affect your business
  • REACH 12 – REACH compliance within a Company

TO REGISTER, PLEASE VISIT:  http://www.learningspan.com/ReachCentrum

For contact and further information, please send an email to [email protected]

IUCLID5 e-learning

The ReachCentrum IUCLID5 e-learning solution is dedicated to those customers who need to register substances in 2013 or 2018 and need to use IUCLID5 to build up their dossiers.


Are you going to register in 2013 or 2018? Then you will need to use IUCLID5 to build up your dossier. ReachCentrum offers to you an IUCLID5 e-learning solution which will help you capitalize on the various IUCLID5 features, by following a flow of tasks that are needed to prepare and submit a registration dossier.


  • Learn at your own pace, in your own time
  • Return easily to the topics again and again
  • Listen and watch the demonstration of the different steps to build up a substance dossier
  • Try out the steps yourself using the "LET ME TRY” button
  • You can follow a flow of tasks that are needed to prepare and submit a registration dossier
  • You will learn the basics of IUCLID5
  • The tasks will be completed for a joint submission (co-registrant) dossier.

Included in the package, you will have also access to monthly live sessions with our trainers to respond to your questions concerning IUCLID5. In addition, a forum will be set up for you to submit questions relating to the use of IUCLID5.

TO REGISTER, please send an email to [email protected]