GPS Safety Summary

ReachCentrum is offering a service for compiling the GPS Safety Summaries for companies, consortia and other interested parties, in order to help you actively communicate relevant information across the value chain of products including customers, suppliers, carriers as well as the public.

What is the GPS Safety Summary?

The Global Product Strategy (GPS), an initiative developed by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) and launched in 2006, builds on the product stewardship elements of industry’s voluntary Responsible Care initiative. GPS aims to improve the safe management of chemicals, harmonize approaches between developing, emerging and industrialized regions, and strengthen public confidence that chemical products are handled safely at all stages of the life cycle.
The GPS Safety Summary will improve transparency by helping companies provide stakeholders with information about marketed chemicals in an easily understandable format, providing easy-to-understand information on general risk characterization and risk management for chemicals. The GPS Safety Summaries should be available on ICCA’s portal within one year of the REACH registration deadline.

Why should companies be interested the GPS?

Filling up the GPS, companies will contribute to a level playing field of the global conditions of competition, and to a better access to relevant product safety information for co-producers, governments and the public. 
The resulting global harmonization of chemicals management systems will eventually help to reduce trade barriers.

What does ReachCentrum offer?

    •    Create a GPS Safety Summary on substance
    •    The GPS Safety Summary will be based on the REACH registration dossier (IUCLID, CSR) and available other information e.g. extended SDS, product information
    •    Update services in case of new information, a dossier update


Who will benefit from the GPS Safety Summary service?

Any chemical company who is the ICCA member for example via the national chemical industry federation.