Biocidal Products Regulation

The Biocidal Products Regulation covers 22 different product types from disinfectants to embalming fluids. In place since 2013, it concerns placing on the market and uses of biocidal products, to protect humans, animals, materials or articles against harmful organisms.

Biocidal products and the active substances they contain have to be considered in a regulatory process to establish safe use for humans and the environment, as well confirming efficacy against target organisms. ReachCentrum and its parent company ERM has the scientific, regulatory and industry-specific knowledge to advise on these issues and help companies to obtain necessary approvals under both national legislation and the BPR.

Biocidal Product Authorisation Holder – Consortia

Rather than each company having to authorise individual products that they place on the market, it is possible for companies to form consortia to develop and submit a single application to collectively authorise a range of products (Product Family). This is a recognised way for companies to share the cost of authorisation. ReachCentrum can act as a biocidal product authorisation holder and offers this service to companies interested to set up consortia. As a third neutral party, ReachCentrum acts as an independent company under contract to the consortia. This removes any issue of commercial advantage and allows all companies to have equal standing in the consortia and to allow companies to take equal benefit from the authorisation.

Biocide support

  • Advice on regulatory strategy for active substances and biocidal products
  • Dossier preparation and submission to support active substance and biocidal product approval
  • Data gap analysis and risk assessment
  • Customised training for BPR compliance
  • Authorisation holder

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