LIS – Communication Platform

LiS is a communication platform covering all necessary supply chain communication. It was initially launched by ReachCentrum as LINKinSIEF, to support industry for collaboration in SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora), mandatory under REACH regulation.

LINKinSIEF was built based on the past years of experience ReachCentrum gained with consortia and SIEF management. The use of the platform is now extended to cover all necessary supply chain communication.


LiS is available at


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ReachCentrum has launched DataCentrum, the first automated service for data brokerage in the market, to make readily available company owned studies via the ReachCentrum website. The studies can be used for REACH or company internal risk assessments, or other regulatory purposes for completing data gaps, including for read across.

The data brokerage service makes readily available company owned studies via our website to reach out to SIEFs, or other companies that have a data requirement, who do not know of the existence of certain studies and who the owner of the study does not know yet, because they are not in the same SIEF.

The Data brokerage is available at

Letter of Access (LoA) shop

In order to answer theoretical questions relating to access to the dossiers and to meet the needs of the customers in a practical way, in 2010 ReachCentrum launched “Letter of Access Module”, a service allowing companies to purchase access to the joint submission of registration dossiers under REACH in a fully automatic way. 

Via a digital invoice system, buying access to a registration dossier and the corresponding delivery of the Letter of Access is ensured in a secure and transparent way.

The Letters of Access module is available at

Please note that the LoA e-Shop website was recently updated. Before placing an order, you will need to check that the information available under the customer tab is correct (for more information on the subject, please check our FAQ page ). Once an order is placed and the invoice issued, any modifications will incur extra fee as per our Terms & Conditions.

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