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If you are a non-EU manufacturer or if you are an EU importer, you have to make sure that the substances in your products are already registered according to the REACH requirements. But how do you keep track of these substances?

The REACH Trustee Service new web-based system has been developed to provide an efficient solution to this problem. The system enables non-EU manufacturers’ sponsored substances to be tracked effortlessly through the complex supply chain.
The REACH Trustee Service allows the EU importer to take full advantage of registration in the supply chain enabling compliance with REACH and competition / antitrust laws. In a nutshell,

  • The system keeps track of the already registered substance via the different products made of it (qualitative part)
  • The system keeps track of the end volume entering in EU (quantitative part ) in order to allow the EU importer to not register the product under REACH legislation

The REACH Trustee Service is available at

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